O2Micro International - Optimized Charging of LiIon Batteries

O2Micro International Brings Optimized Charging to Multiple

Serial LiIon Batteries


O2Micro International Limited (Nasdaq:OIIM), a leading supplier of innovative

power management ICs to mobile computer and communications

manufacturers, announced the development of an IC for optimized

charging of multiple serial type LiIon batteries. The new IC was

developed in cooperation with Compaq Computer Corp.


"We see this as a major step forward in the reliability and

improved operation of our leading edge notebooks and are glad to lend

our support to this new IC," said Gil Riedesel, director of Options

Technology for Compaq.


This IC is the newest member of O2Micro's family of Intelligent

Power products. The OZ870 IC creates a LiIon battery charger that

fully charges each cell in 3-cell and 4-cell type batteries. Previous

battery charger systems provided current to the entire string of cells

at the battery terminals, which may result in undercharging or

overcharging of one or more battery cells. The OZ870 optimizes

charging of multiple-cell LiIon batteries that result in fully charged

batteries and enhanced user safety. Key features of the part include:


-- Optimized charging of multiple serial type LiIon batteries

-- Increased number of charge-discharge battery cycles

-- Increased reliability

-- Balanced cell-to-cell charging

-- Ensures all cells are fully charged

-- Protects the battery from overcharging of cells

-- Provides previously unavailable cell status information to the



O2Micro Vice President of the Intelligent Power Group, Jack Shyr,

stated, "We are extremely pleased to have worked with the world's

leading PC manufacturer in this product development. Compaq's

extensive system knowledge combined with our mixed signal IC expertise

creates a leading edge IC that will greatly improve the operation of

notebooks and other multi-LiIon cell mobile products."


About O2Micro


Founded in March 1995, O2Micro designs, develops and markets

innovative power management and security components for mobile

communication, computer, Internet appliance, and LCD products.

Products include AudioDJ(TM), SmartCardBus(TM) for secure on line

e-commerce, LCD Backlight Inverters and Battery Management ICs.


O2Micro maintains an extensive portfolio of intellectual property

with 205 patent claims granted, and over 300 more pending. The company

maintains offices worldwide. Additional company and product

information can be found on the company website at www.o2micro.com.



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