Liberty ITB UK and Europe Limited - Notification of Change of Directors


We refer the Issuer’s US$750,000,000 Promissory Note listed as a Eurobond on the official list of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (the “Exchange”).

Pursuant to Listing Rule 12.96 any change to an issuer’s directors must be notified to the Exchange.

Accordingly, we hereby notify the Exchange of the resignations of David Long and Ralph Tortorella as directors of the Issuer and the appointments of Luis Bonell and Edmund Kenealy as directors of the Issuer. 

The resignation of David Long and appointment of Luis Bonell was effective from 11 July 2011.

Mr. Bonell joined the insurance sector in 1989 and performed a variety of functions in management posts in several companies; namely, Liberty Mutual Group, Hartford Seguros (Bilbao), Nordica Europa (Barcelona) and CGTF (Philippines-Brazil).  Mr. Bonell is currently the Executive Vice President of Liberty International and CEO, Liberty International Holdings, Inc.  He joined Liberty Mutual Group in 2001.

The resignation of Ralph Tortorella and the appointment of Edmund Kenealy was effective from 8 November 2011.

Mr. Kenealy is a senior legal executive with over twenty years of significant, broad-based and practical legal experience in fast paced corporate and law firm environments with extensive responsibility for mergers, acquisitions, property and casualty insurance, securities law compliance, financing, strategic planning, product development and human resources matters.  He joined Liberty Mutual Group in 2005.

Please do not hesitate to contact Nigel Davenport[1] on +44 207 860 6610 should you require any further information on the above.

Yours faithfully

Liberty ITB UK and Europe Limited

By: Nigel Davenport

Position: Alternate Director

[1] European Chief Counsel, Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Limited, 2 Minster court, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7YE