21 February 2012

The Investment Manager of Assured Fund (the “Fund”) would like to make the following announcement concerning the Fund’s net asset value. This announcement follows a letter circulated to all investors in the Fund on 18 January 2012.

Although the Fund continues to perform well in relation to other more traditional asset classes, the performance of the Fund has slowed in recent years largely due to lower than expected mortality among the individuals covered by the Fund’s portfolio of life settlements (the “Insured Parties”).

Accordingly, the Fund has undertaken a complete review of the life expectancies used to value the Fund’s portfolio of senior life settlement policies.

The revision of each life expectancy estimate was specific to the medical and lifestyle conditions of each Insured Party. As a result of the review the life expectancy estimates of the majority of the Insured Parties have been increased with a corresponding decrease in the Fund’s Net Asset Value of approximately 34%.

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About Assured Fund

Assured Fund is an open-ended investment company incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 2003. It has a current Net Asset Value of approximately US$277 million and holds a portfolio of life settlement policies with a maturity value of approximately US$700 million. Over 60% of the insured parties are over the age of 85 years and all policies purchased by the Fund are outside of their contestability period.

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