The CSX has invested in the latest technology to support its trading activities, including established relationships with global players including Deutsche Boerse/XETRA®, Bloomberg, Clearstream and CUSIP Global Services. The CSX's market ‘XCAY’ which operates on Deutsche Boerse’s XETRA® trading platform, in use by 14 exchanges worldwide with connectivity to up to global 400 banks and brokers and settlement by any electronic settlement system including Clearstream Luxembourg. International Xetra participants can be passported through a simple process as CSX broker members and will be able to reuse their existing Xetra connection to enter trades into the CSX Xetra platform. The technical upgrade responded to growing demand from those looking to use CSX as an alternative market place and opens up the prospects of developing the Exchange as an independent trading hub between America and Europe. The CSX is accessible through the FIX Gateway under the Market MIC ‘XCAY’.

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