Arthur Street Portfolio III (Japan) Ltd change of Director

Arthur Street Portfolio III (Japan) Limited


Cayman Islands


The Company announces that for organizational reasons there has been a change to the composition of the Board of the Directors and the Mr Abali Hoilett has been appointed as a Director of the Company as per 10th October 2008.


Mr. Abali Hoilett is a Vice President of Walkers Fund Services Limited.

Walkers Fund Services Limited is a licensed Cayman Islands Trust Company and Mutual Fund Administrator. Mr. Hoilett is actively involved in the review and approval of the transactional documents used to establish trust and hedge fund structures. Through the course of performing his fiduciary duties, Mr. Hoilett liases with attorneys, investment managers and other service providers located around the globe.




The above individuals will join Mr. Scott Patrick Lennon and Ms. Michelle Wilson-Clarke who shall continue as Directors of the Company.


The Company would also like to announce the resignation of Mr. David Egglishaw as a Director effective 10th October 2008


Scott Patrick Lennon

On behalf of the Board of Directors