BIAS Global Portfolios, SPC - New Custodian and Revised Management Fees



BIAS Global Portfolios, SPC (the "Company") hereby announces the following changes to the Information Memorandum and Segregated Portfolio Supplements of the Company to reflect the following:


1.         that Comerica Bank has been appointed as custodian of the Company;


2.         that, effective 1st January 2012, the management fees charged by the Investment Manager with respect to each of BIAS Short Duration Income Fund – US Segregated Portfolio, BIAS Global Equities Fund – US Segregated Portfolio and BIAS Global Balanced Fund – US Segregated Portfolio (the “Segregated Portfolios”) will be marginally increased as notified to shareholders separately and as described in the updated Segregated Portfolio Supplements; and


3.         the change of name of the Company’s administrator from Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd to Cayman National Fund Services Ltd.


The Board of Directors

BIAS Global Portfolios, SPC

c/o Appleby Trust (Cayman) Ltd.

Clifton House, Fort Street,

PO Box 1350

George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1108

Cayman Islands