Jamplant Limited

6th Floor, Portland House

Bressenden Place

London SW1E 5BH

United Kingdom


Unsecured Loan Term Extension


Jamplant Limited (the "Company") has the following security admitted on the official list of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange:


US$40,599,999 unsecured loan dated 20 November 2008 (the "Loan").



The Company hereby announces that pursuant to a consent and amendment agreement with Felmar Capital Limited, Markoy Company Limited and Medrolan Investments Limited (the "Lenders") dated 1 June 2013 in relation to the loan agreement between the Company and the Lenders dated 20 November 2008 as amended on 14 June 2010 (the "Loan Agreement") constituting the Loan, the term of the Loan has been extended by two years, expiring on 20 November 2015.


Clause 6 of the Loan Agreement has been deleted and replaced such that the Loan shall be due for repayment in full in one amount, including accrued interest, if any, on the seventh anniversary of the Disbursement Date (as defined in the Loan Agreement), unless such date is not a business day, in which case the repayment date shall be the first succeeding business day.


Subject only to the term extension of the Loan, all terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement remain in full force and effect.


Any queries in respect of this announcement should be addressed to the Company at the address stated above.